AC High Current Test Set

Primary Injection Test Sets

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Product Description :

Primary Injection test sets are used to loading. Calibration and testing of CT’s bimetals relays, Protection relays etc. Mostly Primary Injection Test set are designed as per customer’s specification. The Primary Injections Test sets are of 15 minutes ON/30 Minutes OFF duty i.e. testing duty only. Loading transformers are design for continuous use for Temperature Rise for bus duct/Bus Bar etc.

Optional accessories requirement may include cable termination, timer, Temperature Indicator, multiple contactor, individual Phase control etc.

Special Features:

  • Compact in nature
  • It is available in portable trolley type/stationery type  model Amps.
  • Optional digital/analogue timer.
  • Main Transformer up to 25,000 Amps Naturally air cooled type.

Technical Details:

Step Down Transformer: A double wound transformer is used for supplying high current at low voltage for testing.
Current Control: A step less Auto Transformer is used for Controlling output current from Zero to Maximum.
Input Voltage: 230/415 Volts single/two/three phase 50Hz. AC supply
Output Voltage Ranges : As per requirement.
Output Current: Up to 25000 Amps.
Capacity: Up to 500 KVA
Duty: 15  Minutes ON-30 Minutes OFF in case of Primary Injection test set and continuous in case of Loading Transformer.
Metering: Multi range Ampere meter of class 1.5 with CT of class 0.5 are provided on secondary side to indicate output current.
Protection: ON-OFF  Switch with fuse is provided to protect the unit against short circuit, push button to actual and cut  of output.
Housing: Each unit is housed in a MS sheet body, supported with angle iron frame. The oil cooled models are housed in suitable MS tank and the control panel is on the tank or as per requiems.
Optional: (a) Voltmeter  (b)  Timer as per requirement  (c)  Rubber cable (c) Zero start interlocking with by pass switch.
Termination: The output is brought out on suitable Bus Bar/Terminals.

Secondary Injection Test Set Product Description

Model Photo:

Product Description:

‘Olympus’ Secondary Injection Test Sets have been designed keeping in view the requirements of field and laboratory. The sets are portable, light in weight, yet having all the technical features for testing relays and contractors.

Special Features:

  • Compact Size
  • Built in safety arrangements in case of short circuit and over loading.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Efficient after sales service.
  • Guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.

Technical Details

‘Olympus’ Portable Secondary Injection/Relay Test set is designed for working on 220/230 single phase 50Hz Ac supply and complete with power ‘ON-OFF’ indicator, circuit ‘ON’ indicator. The set will have following independent circuits depending upon functional requirement of customer. Each circuit shall have push button actuated, relay/contractor to control the output of the circuit. All these circuits and components shall be housed in Rigid PVC Suitcase with carrying handle or wheels in case of Higher capacity.

Current Circuit: To Inject current of desired value in the relay/contactor. This circuit consists of loading transformer, selector switch, variable control, fine adjustment. Depending upon specific requirement percentage selector switch can also be provided to inject current at various multiples. The current injected is indicated by Ampere Meter. For large range the Ammeter has a multiplier or current transformer.

Voltage Control: This circuit supplies voltage Independently as per requirement. The continuously variable voltage or fixed tap voltage can be provided as desired by the user. AC or DC or both voltages can be provided along with corresponding metering, indications, switches etc.

Phase Shift Circuit: This is incorporated only when special type of relays are to be tested. The phase angle between voltage & current is developed to obtain current operational parameters of the relay.

Time Circuit: Digital Timers with freezing facility is provided for recording the operation/tripping time of relays under test.
Each circuit is independent & push button operated, relay/contractor to control the output of the circuit.