A.C. High Voltage Breakdown Test Set

A.C. High Voltage Breakdown Test Set
(Model : CIE/5050A)

Model Photo:

Technical Specifications & Features:

Input Voltage 230, ?10% 50Hz, 1 Phase AC
Output voltage Continuously variable from
(i) 0 to 3 KV for 3 KV Test Set
(ii) 0 to 5 KV for 5 KV Test Set
Capacity 50mA maximum in the H>V. Side
Tripping current 50mA & 50mA (Toggle switch provided)
Duty Cycle Intermittent i.e., 5 min. ON & 10 min. OFF
Mode of Operation Manual
KV Meter to read the output voltage Milliammeter to show leakage current
*Tripping Current set point other than standard setting can be provided at extra cost