Clip On Watt Meter

Clip On Watt Meter

(Model: CIE/999 Series)

Product Description
Measurement of power in AC system on L.T. Circuits having higher current load without interrupting circuit.

Model Photo:

Technical Specifications & Features :

Core Gap 55 mm maximum
Scale Length 70 mm (approx.)
weight 1.8 kg (approx.)
Dimensions (in mm) 330x 99x 98 (approx.)
Accuracy ? 3% FSD (999 Series) &
?3o (Expressed as phase angle) 111 Series
Calibration 50 Hz AC Supply
Confirms to IS 1248-1983
Standard Accessories Potential leads, Operator’s Manual, Carrying Case
Optional Accessory Neutral Box

Range Available: Potential: 230V/(415V through Neutral Box)

Model Scale
CIE/999A 2/20KW
CIE/999B 20/200KW
CIE/999C 10/100KW
CIE/999D 40/200KW
CIE99E 4/40KW
Power Factor : Unit