Electric Motor Checker

Electric Motor Checker (Model : CIE/1001)

Product Description :

Housed in attractive wooden body with sunmica finish. For comprehensive check of Rotor and Stator Inductance, resistance and Insulation Resistance without dismantling the Motoe. Only to isolate the Power supply.

Model Photo:

Technical Specifications & Features :

Insulation Resistance 0-20MΩ at 500V DC, Max. Current 0.25 mA
(with electronic zero set facility)
Resistance 0-60Ω in 6 ranges (0-0.2Ω F.S.D. in Range 1)
0-0.2/0.6/2/6/20/60Ω marked as % on dial)
Inductance 0-300mH in 6 ranges (0-1mH F.S.D. in Range 1)
(i.e. 0-1/3/10/30/100/300mH, Marked as % on dial)
Self Battery Test to check the condition of the battery of the instrument itself
Power Source 1.5V x 6 Nos AA size cells or 230V AC, 50Hz
(Provided with the condition of the battery Eliminator (Adaptor))
Dimensions 238 mm x 216 mm x 115 mm (approx.)
Weight 2.335 kg. (With Batteries) (approx.)
Supplied with Operational manual, 1.5V AA Size cells-6 Nos., Testing leads with contact clips- 1 pair, Carrying case, Mains cord for 230V, 50Hz