High Voltage Sensor

Product Description

Non Contact High Voltage Sensors are useful, handy and safe device to detect presence of voltage by proximity. The ‘Sensor’ need not touch live conductors and should always be used with a ‘Hotline Stick’ (preferably a Fibre Glass Pole) suitably rated for the system voltage under test.
The Sensor has selectable Voltage range settings (6 ranges in Model – 275 HTS and 2 in Model – 132 HTS). The sensitivity selectors can be chosen depending upon distance between ‘Sensor’ and the conductor.
The internal circuitry triggers the audible and visible (Buzzer and Neon) ‘ALARM’ when the sensor is brought in the radiated field. The radiated electrical field increases/decreases with variation in potential present in the conductor.
A new pocket size handy model having range up to 40KV is also under development.


Selector Switch:- Off / Self Test / 240V-2KV-6KV-22KV-33KV-132KV-275KV  (275HTS)

High (33KV-132KV) / OFF/ LOW(30V-33KV) (132HTS)

Alarm:- Neon / Buzzer
Power:- 3 x1.5v “C” Cell Battery (275 HTS), 9V Battery(132 HTS)
Weight:- <600gm (275 HTS), <200gm (132HTS)

Properties Of The Sensor

  • Sealed by “O” Rings.
  • 8 Voltage settings – 240 V, 2kV, 6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 132kV & 275kV.
  • High bright LEDs visual indication.
  • Sound indication.
  • Easy-to-prove method.
  • Self-test selection.
  • Use 3 X 1.5V “C” batteries.
  • High impact Nylon Casting.
  • Non-Contact work by proximity.
  • Compatible with most linked sticks.
  • Light weight , robust & compact.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Detect Low Voltage on any  system.
  • Easy access to batteries.
  • No special parts needed.
  • Simple & Efficient to use.