Stationary DC High voltage Test Set

Product Description

This equipment is used for testing the underground cable, large Generator, Motor Transformer capacitor etc as per IS specification. The unit comes equipped with digital meters, motorized controls, one/two way computer interface, Emergency shut down and Optimum operator safety features.

Special Features:

    • Multiplier circuit for economy and better life.
    • Multiple interlocks for human safety.
    • Optional computer interface facility.
    • Available unto 1000 kV and 1 Amps.

Technical Details:

Transformer: A double wound step up transformer is used for boosting the voltage. The transformer is made of super enameled wire, CRGO core and polyster film/paper for insulation.

Voltage Control: A step less auto-transformer is used for controlling the output from zero to maximum. The auto-transformer has built in arrangement for zero start interlocking.

Input Voltage: 230 or 400 volts single phase 50 Hz AC supply.

Output Voltage: Up to 300 KV

Capacity: Up to 50mA on HV side.

Rating: Continuous for testing and 15 minutes at full load


  1. Knob to control the output voltage from zero to maximum or push button ncase of motorized model.
  2. Knob to control the tripping current in steps.

Metering: Moving coil / digital KV meter and milliamp meter will be provided to indicate output Voltage and leakage current.

Terminating: The negative and positive terminals are brought out on suitable insulators. Positive or negative polarity can be supplied at Earth Potential on request.

Protection: The unit consists of fast acting DC relay which actuates instantaneously if the testing current goes beyond the pre-set level. b) The HV will not actuate if variac is not at zero position (To protect the transformer against transients on HV side & to protect the operator)

Rectifier: Silicon diodes with RC network are used for rectification in bridge or doubler or multiplier or half wave circuit.